Thursday, January 11, 2007

Licking Dew

The grass has been wet, wet, wet from the fog. Tanji really likes to lick the dew off the grass, he just goes and goes and goes. He does have a fresh clean water bowl 24/7 inside, but once he gets outside,... its puddles, the pond, and now dew that he wants.

Tanji's face is covered with drops of dew.

Mmmmm fresh dew drops.

Yummmy, slurp, slurp, slurp.

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Tory said...

Yeah Dax has a fresh clean water bowl 24/7 too, but his favorite is the tap in one of the bathrooms.

We're considering buying him a hamster water dispenser ;)

Anonymous said...

It has a flavor......

Anonymous said...

Tanjiro & Uschi's parents,

I have to say your blog is just great. I have to pop in daily to see what the boys have been up to - you're lucky to have such gorgeous boys! Furthermore, your dedication to these wonderful creatures is so admirable.

I have a five-month old bengal girl Vilma and I do adore her. I have also put a deposit on a bengal boy but I may have to wait for him quite some time. But the wait is definitely worth it! :)

Taija and Vilma from Finland

Lavs said...

Yeah Finland Vistors,

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. We are so happy that you are enjoying the blog, we are having an absolute ball with the boys and posting our photo album as a blog. It has been pretty cool to have people from around the world visit and enjoy our adventures also.

Have fun.