Friday, April 17, 2009

Typical Family Outing

On a nice sunny day,

Tanji and Lesley were enjoying the pond.

Soon Vladi joined.

Hi Vladi,...

Whatcha' doin' Tanji ?

Uschi was spotted in the distance,...

U's leaping, caught V's attention,...

U accelerated to join the family.

All eyes were on U's arrival.

Vladi "greeted" him,...

U and V took off,...

HEY !!



But under the watchful eyes of

a low flying Kestrel,...

Uschi escaped,...

and got a gap on the little V, and

bounded like a white-tail deer over
a pile of tomato cages.

Vladi lost interest in Uschi,

in favor of chewing on some new berry plants.

Uschi curled up in the shade
under last years tomatoes.

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