Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dragonfly Saves the Day

We have been having our usual winter weather, mild temperature (40-50 degrees F), and day after day of rain with a few short peaks of sky between the clouds. When there is a break to go out for a walk, the boys need to burn off a lot of energy. Their dragonfly toy ensures that the action never stops...

Vladi takes off after the dragonfly. He knows its his toy,
it came with him from Cheetahsden and is still his favorite.



Vladi's tail is wagging like an excited puppy.

Uschi wants to play too...

Go Uschi Go!

Vladi is not quite ready to give up his toy...


Meanwhile, Tanji (our most wound-up little spring)
has been excitedly climbing nearby trees,
waiting for his turn to play...

Here he comes!
(Uschi is in the background holding up that birch)


Tanji is too fast for the camera,
this little spring is bouncy.

Boing, Boing, Boing.

But Vladi is never far away from his dragonfly...

Out of the way, I'm V-man!

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1 comment:

b.b.blueeyes said...

Another Vladi mega tail-arch sighting!