Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Snow Day

We don't often get snow in the Willamette Valley,...

But when we do,... the boys get up early and sound
the "you have to see what is outside" alarm,...
unfortunately we couldn't take them out first thing.

We rushed back home to get the boys out before
the snow melted completely away.



Vladi is off,... and


Tanji cruised all around,...

and was spotted happily bounding in the field.

Uschi charged out of the gate,...

What a "special" boy who inspects the slippery roof,... before

Heading for greener pastures.

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Wrenaria said...

Kitties always look extra pretty in snow. I love that side shot of Vladi running.

Eventually I'm going to have to upgrade my camera so I can actually capture pretty action shots like yours instead of spotted blurs. ;)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

In bright outside light our D80 does a good job of capturing the action. Today was bright enough to shoot with a high shutter speed (1/4000),... which really freezes the action.

Inside, we find the D80 pretty useless for taking pictures of the boys, even with quality f1.8 & f2.8 lenses. The sensor has a max ISO of 1600, which just isn't sensitive enough to handle the lower light levels inside, if there is any subject movements.

Inside shots are all from our little point and shoot, always with a flash.

Freya's Staff said...

Funny - I can't see a cat in the first two pics - must be really good camouflage! :-)

Kim said...

Looking at your photos always brightens up my day so just wanted to say thanks for continuing to post them.

Love the photos of the cats leaping and bouncing through the snow.

Deven said...

What lovely, adventurous boys you have. Seeing them is always have such a good blog. Thank you.