Friday, February 17, 2012

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

We are studying Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches in class next week,
and brought them home to set up their tanks. They came packaged
in a secure container, but you could hear their little feet moving inside...

Did you hear that?

Did you bring me friends? I really, really need some friends.

Helloooooooooo, anybody in there?

We had set up two small tanks with lots of food and hiding spots.

There they are, almost two inches long (can grow to three),
and a lot stronger and faster than advertised.
There was a bit of hissing (roaches), squealing (Les),
and fur fluffing (all 3 boys), but we got them safely in the tanks

The cockroaches scurried under the leaf litter,
but you could still hear their feet moving around.

Did you see that? That was AWESOME!

They have stripes just like meeeeee!

You want to see the roaches? What's the secret password?

The boys are a little too interested, luckily we have lids...

Uschi is mesmerized...

...and so is Tanji.

But its Vladi who really likes the roaches...

Hours later, Vladi is still checking on his new friends
who have calmed down and come out of their hiding spots.

We decided to hide the tanks in the sink cabinet
so Vladi doesn't decide to "free" his buddies overnight.

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mcat said...

Those are really neat !!! would the survive here (as in yr house) if SOMEone turned them loose ?

Bonnie said...

Seconding Les, I have to say "EEEEEEKKKKK!!!!" I would NOT want to bring them home to get them acclimated to their new habitat for fear of one escaping. Even with three experienced, alert hunters on the prowl, I would not sleep a wink. And, Uschi, DON'T compare yourself to those -- things! You are the handsomest, cutest boy, and they are uberdisgusting.

Silvia said...

fantastic, the boyz's expressions, curiosity, mesmerized interest!
the cockroaches have really nice colors & stripes, and in their way are, indeed, beautiful - as long as they don't invade your bed! ;-)

Bengal Lady said...

Ewe! Roaches? Give me rats and mice.