Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glam for the Camera

Uschi has figured out that he gets maximum attention
if he perches at eye level.  The top of the car is perfect.

We suspect that he is posing,
every photo of Usch is usually a winner.

Bam! Take a picture.

Every angle works.

Full on glamour for the camera.
Oops, Uschi is down...

This happens only when one person approaches...

Yep, its Daaaaadddddddd.

Not only can Uschi be admired, he can also watch the
world go by behind the safety of his gate.

O.K.that's apparently enough photos for now,
we are getting the back stripe view.

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Wrenaria said...

What a glamour puss!

Silvia said...

a red "car-pet" and a (window) mirror - does a glamour cat need anything more?

Deven said...

God, he is absolutely beautiful! He comes with his own gorgeous "mink" coat, too. A born model and he knows it.

Bonnie said...

Best in Showoff -- it's the Beautiful Beastie Boy!