Sunday, June 23, 2013

Silly Spotted Bengal-Boy

Tanji growled and growled,
a viscous deep growl from behind the cloths bins.

Eventually, I leapt up to see what was the matter.
 Both U & V remained sleeping.

So, hmmmm??

I thought he might be stuck, so I pulled out the bins,...
he wouldn't come out,... finally he shot directly out
to the kennel, where he sat T-tall on the perch staring
at the cat door, for 30+ minutes.

Finally, he slunk back to the kennel door, several times,
before coming back inside.

Where he instantly fluffed and


Tentatively walked around the room.

Before inspecting the source,...

U woke, investigated the room (found nothing)
and headed for T, ...

What is wrong with you?

Nothing,... but I'm going back in.

In the end nothing was found and no explanation was determined,
just a silly spotted Bengal-boy.

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BengalLady said...

Too funny!!