Monday, August 19, 2013

Beach Towel

Vladi's little dagger-nails can penetrate right through our throw blankets
when he is kneading them with us underneath, so we now have a
protective beach towel layer (also clearance Vera Bradley).

For some reason beach towel = cleaning station to V-man.

He'd much rather someone else licked him, there is fine glittery
fur flying everywhere.

Would you like to lick me?

How about you?

Here comes a sucker-fish, I mean Tanji.

T can't resist cleaning the dirty baby-cat.
(V is "helping" by sticking out his tongue)


silvia said...

there are just some palm trees and the sea missing ;-)) aloha-ha aloha-ha...

Bonnie said...

Oh, how cute is that cleaning picture!