Monday, November 04, 2013

Source of the Stink

Bags of stinky fleece are coming from
our five newest family members:

 Golly, Benny, Bailey, Digby, and Gilly.

All are black hooded male rats; Digby is the largest and was
someone else's pet before he was put up for adoption,
Gilly and Golly are brothers, and so are Benny and Bailey.

 The four little guys had never been handled, and spent the first
day frozen, and the next few days grabbing food and hiding.

 This was as close as they wanted to get.

 Then big Digby joined the little guys and he has been calm and
sweet enough to settle everyone down.

 All of a sudden the boys were frolicking together in the open.

In three weeks, we have five growing and inquisitive boys.
 So it was time for a big-rattie cage.
Some assembly required...

 The "Skyscraper" rat cage from Martin's Cages.
Their service and cage design are exceptional.

 Digby fell over with excitement a few times when he found
his new luxury suite.

 In the past few days the boys have been climbing, ripping,
gnawing, wee-ing, exploring, and loving their new home.

Luckily these cuties live at school, they would be way too
tempting for three Bengal boys.


silvia said...

wowwww! these 5 guys are just soooo cute! thanks for posting and introducing them - and their castle cage! :-)

Bonnie said...

You left the important information for the very last caption to keep us all on pins and needles, wondering, "How on Earth can these guys live in the same household as the supreme Bengal hunters and vole dancers?"