Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Mattress Part I

We have a new mattress, and having the delivery men over
was pretty exciting for the boys.

Look out Vladi, he's got you!

Vladi is so malleable, he's happy to go along for the ride.

Uschi is eager to investigate, the bed is his territory,
and this change was not authorized.

The memory foam has a lot of give under the feet,
and U isn't too sure about the feel.

He bravely investigates, sinking in quite a bit due to
his extra plushness.

That regal pose indicates the mattress has received Uschi-approval.

Its Vladi's turn to investigate.

V is chatting up a storm, he's still excited about the visitors.

Come back, you're my new friends!

Tanji is never enthusiastic about change, and this is no exception.
He's busy pacing around and glaring at the mattress.
Its going to take an intervention to get him to calm down.


silvia said...

vladi is incredible!!! the way he let's himself pick up by the unknown guy - yet potential friend - and then his meowing all over the new matrass: can even hear him accross the ocean ;-))

silvia said...

ps: looking forward with much much curiosity to the intervention necessary to get mr. t-chan onto the matrass!!!