Friday, May 16, 2014

Living in Paradise

Each year our home grows a little more beautiful.

The boys are heading out to enjoy their paradise park.

All of the trails are very well-manicured, thanks to the new mowie.

Piles of roses are blooming all around.

The smaller cherries are ripening in the sun.

There is plenty of random habitat for the native plants and animals.

Somehow every trail seems prettier than the last.

Lupines are already in full bloom...

...the daisies are next.

Big-leaf maples are unfurling their giant leaves...

... and the vine maples are studded with ruby samaras.

Tanji has plenty of soft grass to chew.

If we head down just the right trail...

...Uschi will be straight ahead,
watching the grass rustling in the breeze.

Oops, he heard us coming and is heading west.

Tanji heads east, there is plenty more to explore.

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Anonymous said...

It looks luscious! Thank you for sharing photos of your paradise.