Friday, October 03, 2014

What happened to Summer?

Somehow summer blogging totally got away from us.
All is well in Bengal-land...

 Vladi has spent the summer perfecting "angel-ing" his brothers
(creeping up on them just like the weeping angels,
my favorite Dr. Who villains).

 Neither Tanji or Uschi are very good sports about this,
they still see V as a pesky over-energetic little brother.

 Vladi had a break in concentration and Uschi is using it
to quietly sneak away.

"I'm sure he'll be right back."


mcat said...

yeaaaay! yr back -- been checkin most every day and nothin !! good to see the Boyz again! maxcat

silvia said...

sch a joy to see the magic bengal-land back!! and what a stunning landscape pic the first is, with these colors...
plenty of petting to the brothers :-)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for all being well in Bengal-Land. Thank you for the update. :-)

Bengal Lady said...

I am happy to see you back!

mcat said...

What happened to y'all. We are missing you and hope all is well.