Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Seven Mornings With Lesley

Every morning I wake-up to find the boys sleeping piled on/around Les. They don't sleep on me/my side of the bed because I "flop" around too much, I'm told. All three parties are typically unconscious and appear quite content. The following pictures are from seven consecutive mornings.

Sunday - I'm not sure Uschi is relaxed

Monday - No Uschi but Les is petting
Tanj while she is still asleep

Tuesday - Happy Boys, Les is under there

Wednesday - Pictures already?!

Thursday - All comfy

Friday - Everyone seems happy

Saturday - Tanj is curled up right on top of Les

I don't know how she continues sleep with him like that,...
let alone me taking pictures every morning?

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erin said...

I don't know who to marvel at more - your gorgeous cats or Les' super-human sleeping abilities.

Lavs said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and for your comments. I feel all three are marvels,... >:-)

giulius80 said...

I love your cats ..absolutly amazing! Really really nice ..

Lavs said...

Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. We love to have visitors from around the world,... Italy(?). Yeah!!