Friday, June 13, 2008

T Catcher

T - Likes to;



drink from the pond,

and put his head in holes.

But he is almost always pulling his leash behind him.

So we can spot and catch him easier, if necessary.

A few months ago, he was regularly heading out to the
"Parking Deck." So I finished up some of the remaining
fence and also added finer fencing to the gate.

Lesley took him out to see the new "T-catcher."

"See this Tanji,... you are not suppose to go out there,..."

"I think I was bad,... I'm heading home."

It won't stop him if he really wants
to head out, but he is very good about not
attempting to breech the fence. He will go up
to it an meow at it. You can visibly see the turmoil
in him. He knows what we want him to do, and
he does it, even if a part of him doesn't want to.

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Freya's Staff said...

So do you have a fence all around your property? Must be a big fence! :-)

It's also fantastic that T doesn't just jump over the fence in a single bound, unless of course it's more than 15ft high! :-)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Yup, the ~2500' of fence goes all the way around. It is only 48" high so T could easily leap over. It is more of a visible boundary line for him.