Sunday, October 12, 2008

Les' Little Helper

Where did that extra paintbrush come from?

It may only be mid-October, but Les is already singing Christmas songs because she is working on a new painting. Its going to be called "Home for the Holidays." Les describes it as "the three boys sleeping on a bench draped with a Christmas quilt and embroidered pillows, nested between a fireplace and a festive Persian rug." She is hoping to finish it next weekend so we can make cards >;-). Tanji has been helping with the late evening painting, but during the day Vladi is ready to lend a paw or tail...

Very helpful Vladi.

Amazingly Vladi usually manages to stay paint-free,
but today he was a little too helpful...

"Look, my paw is blue-green!"
It was off to the bathtub for clean-up.

The artists break for a quick pose.

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