Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm a Good Boy, Sort of...

Les got floral wrapping paper for her Mom's Christmas gift,
Uschi LOVED the paper and it got a bit mangled during the
wrapping process. You can barely see a paw print on the scrap above.

Today Les brought the paper out as a color reference for a new
painting, and decided to let Uschi have the paper to play with...

Here you go Usch, you can have this...

This feels like a test, I'm a good boy!

Uschi stares, and stares, but doesn't touch the paper.

Vladi doesn't hesitate. Pat, pat, pat.

Look Uschi, my head fits in here!

Uschi doesn't look impressed.

I'm a good boy, I can resist temptation.

Later we heard a rustling noise...

Uschi was happily sitting with his head under the paper.

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meemsnyc said...

What beautiful wrapping paper, it is irresistable!

Black Cat said...

Wrapping paper is more exciting than what it wraps up, eh?! :) xxx