Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Third Birthday T & U

"Spots & Swirls Cupcakes"

Tanj & Usch are three years old today!
Its hard to believe the little sweeties have been with us for so long,
but then again, we can't remember what we did before them.

Of course we had to have cake...

A slice of carrot cake for our multi-colored Tanji.

T seems interested...

A little sniff, but no lickies.

We weren't paying attention and guess who showed up..

Its Mr. Sweet Tooth. Wait a minute,

It's not YOUR birthday Vladi!

For Uschi we got...

Chocolate-covered creampuffs.
Somehow this just seemed right.

Uschi just wanted petties from me.

How about you Tanj? No??

Well "someone" will lick them.

The sweets weren't a big hit,
but it was a beautiful day
for a long walk outside.

Happy Birthday T&U!!

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meemsnyc said...

Happy Birthday!!!! What a treat! Carrot cake and chocolate cream puffs, can we have some?

Bengal Lady said...


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday! Whoo-hoo! Please chuck their chins from me.