Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Uschi's TV Show

The family gathered to watch a re-broadcast of the PBS Nature show "Why We Love Cats and Dogs" which had a clip of a new Cheetahsden stud boy, Captain Fantastic. As soon as the show started, Uschi was totally entranced. Usually the boys pay little attention to TV shows, unless a cat meows repeatedly, sending them scrambling to hunt for the invader. But this time Uschi was interested from the beginning of the show...

The dog and kitten playing are entrancing, maybe Uschi
remembers his doggie playmate Lexxie from Cheetahsden.

Here a kitten is purring and kneading a dog,
and Uschi is paying rapt attention.

When the cats lunge and meow, Uschi flinches right along with them.

We are looking forward to seeing Uschi's reaction to the beautiful
bengal boy on the big screen, but by that time...

Uschi was sound asleep, chasing dogs and cats in his dreams,

But you can watch a clip.

We saved the show to replay it for Uschi when he needs a thrill.

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