Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Tanji climbs a big tree,...

In preparation for testing out the

SW corner fence post.

He flopped over the fence on the neighbors property,
we spent a while following him around, he was desperate
to get back to his side of the fence. Eventually he let me
catch him and toss him home. He was very happy to be back
in his yard. He has not tried it again and seems scared of the post.

Lesley keeps an eye on the brown spotted boy.

Tanji got himself into some plants that were releasing their seeds.

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1 comment:

Ella said...

Poor Tanji really didn't want to run away from home....

I've had my Phantom home with me for the past couple of weeks. It is taking him a while to warm up since he was older. He is slowly coming out of his "stand-off" phase. He forgets it all together when we are playing with him...(he loves da-bird). He won't answer me to his name, but he thinks his name is that clicking noise you make with your tongue.

Still waiting on Jonayla and Carmella to get old enough to bring home!!

I am still checking in almost daily on your boys!