Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Home

We rarely are away from home and the boys, the last trip we took was a year ago for three days/two nights. Even with the short duration, the boys were not pleased when we returned. This year we had two trips planned back-to-back: two nights in Las Vegas, a day at home with the boys, and then gone again for four nights in Chicago to visit Les' Mom. We were worried this would be a major stress on the boys, but luckily a friend of ours offered to cat-sit every day we were away, even emailing us a daily play-by-play on what the boys did (Vladi was friendly, Uschi was tentative but interested, Tanji hid a lot). This made all of the difference because when we returned, the boys were in a good mood and happy to see us...

Vladi was waiting on a perch in the kennel.
He was really excited to see us!

Uschi and Tanji quickly joined us too.

There is a lot of sniffing (we had washed our hands
on the way home, but they always know).

All is quickly forgiven.

The boys are remarkably calm
(yes we are looking at you, Tanji!).

Three cute little rears, as the boys watch Les head inside.

Vladi jumps in one of our bags...

We're not leaving without this little cutie any time soon!

Tanji is keeping a close eye on us.

Uschi lounges on his wheel, waiting for his walkies.

We take the boys out, Tani would rather run than get held.
He's been inside or in the kennel for days and has things to do.

Uschi looks like he wants to be put down,
while Vladi heads for "his" compost pile.

Its a beautiful day, and the boys wander through the woods.
Everything is already back to normal!

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Ella said...

Love the pic with the three rears...Reminds me of the cards with the picture of the fronts and you open it to see the rears...