Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Time To Go In, Vladi

Vladi has always been a good about going for walks with his big brothers. He keeps us in sight (meowing if we are too far) and always seems to know where we are, even if he seems to be just staring at the ground.

Vladi is far behind on the trail, watching something.

Ooohhh, birdies!

Wait for me, everybody!

The only hiccup on our daily walks, is that Vladi likes to go in when he's ready, and on his own steam (no carrying or dragging the "kitty brick"). So, we have a ritual. We tell Vladi its time to go home (he knows) and then we let him run to the garden furniture (chairs, picnic table), and he can stay out as long as he sits there, but when he gets down its time to go straight home.

Vladi is in one of his "safety"spots.

Here's another one.

C'mon Vladi, its time to go in!

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