Friday, May 15, 2009


I totally forgot to post blogs for the past few days.
I have even visited the blog and emailed people about it.
I just forgot the vital component of actually posting them.

"How could you forget about meee?"

"This looks new,..."

"I like to climb into things,..."

"What is this?"
("yard sweeper" to collect clippings for garden mulch)

"I found it first,..."

"Fine,... I'll investigate the box,...
(boxes are more fun anyway)

"This is cool,..."


V investigates the top,...


Staring at the back wall.
(so special)

"I've got him,...
I just need to close the flaps"

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Pam said...

We are glad everything is ok.
Pam, Kinny, Tessa adn big Sam

Bonnie said...

I was having withdrawal symptons. I need the Bengal boys!