Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blue Ribbon Bengals

Our birthdays often become "birth-week" and "birth-month" celebrations. If a present arrives wrapped in ribbon, the whole family indulges in some supervised ribbon play.

Pretty-boy Tanji's ribbon starts as a necklace...

Then it moves a little lower...

... and a little lower...

This isn't looking good for the ribbon..


A little out of control.

The crazy spot is wearing down, but the ribbon is not out of
the woods, bacause someone has been waiting his turn...

"A riiiibbon for meee?"

That's not quite right...

"Am I pretty?"

Uschi saunters around displaying his ribbon.

A bit of posing on the floor too.

Those ears and puffy whisker pads mean its play time.

While Uschi is playing, Vladi wakes up and
visits the Tanji cleaning station.

Its Vladi's turn with the ribbon, at first he's sleepy...


But then Vladi gets the idea that we put his harness on him,
so he marches out to the front door, ready for a walk outside...

"Let's go, I'm READY!"

Vladi waits patiently, its apparently time for a walk.

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