Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scaredy Cats

Last week we had a huge thunderstorm
with rolling thunder and flashes of lightning.

We rarely get storms,
this was the boys first thunder storm,...
they were not amused...

The brown brothers headed for the ottoman.

Vladi, with huge eyes, held his ground on a chair.

After a while, brave Tanji emerged...

Tanj is such a mommy-cat, he had to keep an eye on us.

Soon he is kneading like crazy.

With a big smile, Tanji settles in next to me.
I'm watching the storm, T is watching his eyelids.

Uschi and Vladi are watching from a safe distance.

A little while later...

Uschi gets up the nerve to join us.

After a bit of licking, its nap time with a big smile.

While we sleep soundly together...

Vladi finally curls up for a nap too.

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