Monday, August 17, 2009

Schwinn SR23 Recumbent

Last week, out of the blue,
Lesley said she would like a recumbent bike.
I laughed because I was going to get
her one for her birthday,... but didn't.

So, I emailed her (yes we email across the room)
the link to the one I was thinking of,...
a professional gym quality unit.

She emailed me back one that cost 80% less,
a Schwinn SR23,... I looked at a bunch of reviews
which rated this one at the top of the list,...

But I'm a bike snob,... a Schwinn, really ??,...
Sears had the unit, so off we went to check it out.
It was silent and smooth, both required for use
in our one room house. We loaded it into the car.

What is this ??

Schwinn,... really dad ?

Lets get it open.

Come on,...

This smells funny ?

We're skeptical !

This is a nice place to sit.

I like this box,...

To be continued.

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1 comment:

Bengal Lady said...

I just got off Craigslist looking at one. Then I came on to get my nightly "fix" before bedtime and could not believe I saw this blog. That is like completely freaky!!