Thursday, August 13, 2009

Uschi Warming Up

Uschi warming up on his wheel to go outside.

When we get too close to him, he always
stops walking and "loves" his wheel.
(listen for the purring at the end)
He also gives me the "shake."

Our first video adventure.

This is Uschi's quiet voice,...

We think he is saying:
"Uschi, Uschi, Uschi,... I'm Uschi,....
I'm on my wheel,... Uschi, Uschi, Uschi"

He does this for hoouuuurrssss.

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Bengal Lady said...

GO USCHI!! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ! You talk Uschi ! More, more more - what fun to see & hear another dimension in the boyz. maxcat

b.b.blueeyes said...

Oh, thank you sooo much for the video! You must remember me asking for an audio clip of Uschi when you posted pics of him meowing. Now I got not only to hear him, but also to see him in action! It was worth the 10+ minute wait for the clip to download with my dialup connection (for the summer I'm in the Vermont hinterlands). The audio got my Remy to come running and add his voice to Uschi's. However, he is drowning out Uschi's purrs with his own as he sits on my lap. Gotta love the chatty cats! Uschi and Remy are also alike in that they both start lovin' inanimate objects when you get near.

RHEA said...

that's a great video clip! how did you get Uschi on there and actually like it? I bought one for my Mojito and he HATES it!! he will not go near it let alone on it. have you got any tips for me?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Our boys had wheels from the beginning so they are very use to them. They all love to be on the wheel but this is "Uschi's wheel." He sleeps on it, hangs out on it, walks/runs on it for hours and hours, and when excited heads straight to it.

I would recommend using a feather wand to get Mojito on your wheel,... then put it just out of reach so he walks after it,... keep at it,..

We can't imagine life without the wheel they all run on it so frequently.

Ella said...

Finally got to see the videos!! They were blocked at my work. Great as always. Love those action shots with the voles, too! Awesome! Phantom, Carmella and Jonayla send Bengal greetings to their CheetahDen Kin!! I am finally enjoying the multiple Bengal home. I still check in on the adventures of Tanji, Uschi and Vladi!!