Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Windy Weather

Vladi is racing the wind.

Our springs are very unpredictable, with warm sunny weather one hour, and cold hail the next. Sometimes when we take the boys outside the weather is beautiful, but it quickly turns into something else. The boys can take the rain and cold, but are less amused by high winds.

Vladi races around the pond as the wind
whips up a bit of sideways rain.

V finds some shelter from the wind behind the
rock pile, back fur still getting ruffled by the gusts.

A protest meow: "this is my special time outside!"

A break in the wind, and Vladi surveys his domain.

Filling the "reservoir" with a quick drink from the pond.

The sky looks blue, but the winds and rains
are returning behind us from the west...

Vladi races off to find his next sheltered spot.

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