Friday, January 21, 2011

Matching Browns

Now even our colors match.

Today my new pair of insulated coveralls arrived.

Usually people wear these while working outside
in the cold (running heavy equipment, working on cars,
doing farm work, cutting firewood, etc.)

Of course I got them to wear while...

Watching and walking cats.
(I'm secure enough to admit that,...)

They even are the same color as Uschi's back stripe
(that was NOT intentional,.... Really.)

Come here Usch, let's get a photo of this craziness.

Where are you going U?
(Note the sophisticated "front porch" outside of the shed.)

Hoist (always with the knees/legs with sizable loads).

Ta-Daaa, matching browns.

First Uschi looks peeved...

Then I do.

C'mon, let's pose in unison with the "Super-villain" look...

Nope, that's not quite evil enough...

Nailed it!

One last pose,
("relaxed" show Uschi pose)

A quick pet and a tail-flick, and its off on more adventures.

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Bonnie said...

Hey! "Sizable loads"?! And you think U's peeing on your bed because another boy used his litterbox. How naive. (And, yes, you two certainly captured the essence of villainy.)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Uschi is comfortable with his "fluffiness."

mcat said...

a well matched pair -- even the stern expressions -- daunting -- maxcat

Wrenaria said...

Too cute. Err I mean... intimidating and villainy, of course. ;)

Sam and Lila's mom said...

Nice new coveralls, Lavs! Now you have to come up with all kinds of cold weather projects to do outside. ;) Do all your boys allow you to hold them in the show pose? Although Sam likes it when I carry him around in a certain way, he will have nothing to do with such foolishness. And holding Lila at all is absolutely out of the question!

Has Uschi really been peeing on your bed? If so, do you have any behavior modification tips? In Sept, at 2-years old, Lila suddenly started peeing wherever she pleases and it seems to be the result of a power stuggle. (I had her checked for a UTI, crystals, etc and we have two litter boxes.) We were gone for close to two weeks in Oct and there was no naughty peeing during that time so apparently she is doing it for our "benefit"...ugh. Thankfully, I found a good neutralizer spray but I am a very unhappy Bengal mom! (A new leather recliner for Tom and sofa & loveseat re-upholstery work are on hold until the bad behavior stops...sigh.)


Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

The boys don't really like to be held. I can get away with a quick show cat pose, then there is complaining,...

U has only peed on the bed a few times,... We really thing the peeing issues are more to do with us, our lack of keeping things clean enough and also if we miss a day going outside. When things are clean there isn't typically an issue.