Saturday, April 16, 2011

Streaking Stripe

Uschi launches,...

Zoooooooom (nice form)

Ears back,... Tail,... well,...?

That's better,... Go Uschi, Go.

Disappearing into some tall grass,...

There must have been a vole village in there,
because he didn't come out for awhile.

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Freya's Staff said...

I'd love to see an ultra closeup of one of the babies running! I bet they look like such cheetahs!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Such images have proven to be more illusive than expected.

The sun light has to be right (bright, from the correct orientation, etc.) and the camera has to be ready when the random "streak" happens. The boy needs to zoom past the camera and not away or other. Then if all of this works, the shutter has to click at the correct time to catch a good body position, even with a few frames/sec. it doesn't happen often.

AND I have to hold the camera steady while keeping them in frame. >:-)

This has made me appreciate the images published in magazines (wild animals, sports, etc.) even more.

Stay tuned,... >;-)