Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be Very, Very Quiet!

Sometimes when Uschi is sound asleep,
Vladi wakes him up to be licked and coddled like the little kitten he is.
This usually doesn't go over very well with Uschi.

Vladi has figured out that if he is really, really quiet,
Uschi will settle back to sleep instead of running away.

And here Vladi is...
wide awake and happy just to be close to his big brother.

Uschi may like it a little too.

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1 comment:

mom to Sam and Lila said...

As you write more about Vladi's personality (and the reactions of his brothers to him) it continues to amaze me how alike he and my Lila are. She also takes any opportunity to creep up and snuggle with Sam when he's sleeping too soundly to bother chasing her away. Unfortunately, when she attempts to use the grooming enticement she's not the least bit graceful about it and he won't put up with her for very long. But, I do give her props for her seemingly never ending persistence.