Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Weeds

HI All,... We have been TOTALLY in the weeds for eight-plus weeks at work. We have been going every single waking hour, seven days a week on laboratory room remodels and a complete re-design of our course. I have never, ever been this busy in my entire life.

Our boys have been neglected (they have been waking us before the sun comes up and we leave and don't return until dark) and the blog has also been neglected,... even though we have been attempting to cover with archived pictures (we haven't had green grass in months).

We will get back on track soon, we hope,... >;-)

Vladi enjoys time "outside" (in his kennel)

You know this isn't really what I meant by going outside,...

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mcat said...

Yr mindreading again -- i was thinking this am that we'd see a pic or two and that probably you were both in the throes of new term starting -- sounds like that and more -- hope you get out to get some air soon, as i'm sure the boyz do.

Deven said...

We'll hope it calms down for you, and will happily wait.

Bonnie said...

Twelve days and counting -- it's killing me! I need my Bengal fix really BAD!

Bengal Lady said...

Hope you seem some semblance of normalcy soon. And I am glad I haven't missed anything while moving to California for the past few weeks. I am up and running again and will look forward to new posts again soon.