Thursday, March 29, 2012


Good Day All,... The Bengal boys are doing well.
We are working through family issues
We do intend to resume the blog.
The adventures will continue.
Thank you very much for your on-going support and interest
in our Bengal boys.
Lavs, Lesley, Tanjiro, Uschi-Swirl, & Vladimir


Silvia said...

All the best, blessings to all of you!

Deven said...

I wish you all good luck and good spirits. I will miss you all until you return. Be well.

Bonnie said...

Best wishes to you at this time. Whisker kisses all around.

Mom to Sam and Lila said...

Missing your updates and looking forward to your return. I hope the future favors you and your family.


Anni said...

Wow, you have awesome bengals and photos of them!! Looks like they really love their live. Greetings from two bengalgirls from Finland :)

Freya's Staff said...

good luck with your family issues...

Karen said...

I really miss your adventures! I hope everything is well with your family!

Take care,