Thursday, March 08, 2012

Return Of The Roaches

The roaches are back home to move into their permanent tank.

Uschi is trying to act disinterested.

But we know better.

Vladi is very happy his "friends" are back.

Vladi's fur is all plushed up and he is meowing at the roaches.

What? No one else will play with me.

After spending a few weeks in the classroom in small observation
tanks, all six roaches are moving to their larger home.

There was a bit of hissing, but they already seem happier.

Sorry Vladi, they're heading back to school!

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Silvia said...

What about T ? In picture one, with that particular light effect, he looks like a teleported alien cat :-O
Ready to leave for outer space instead of sniffing terrestrian croaches?

"Space invador T"

Bonnie said...

Well, Uschi, try as you might to look disinterested, your tongue gives you away.