Thursday, April 18, 2013

Visiting Friends

"Our" doe is back, maybe the same one from previous years
who has had fawns in our "yard."

But now she is busy eating fruit trees, and

Enjoying the mowed trails.

Did you see her?

The humming birds are back too.
But Tanji isn't too interested in hummingbirds.

What is under that iPad?

Whoa, who is that?


We don't know who the large wet cat is,
this is our first sighting.


silvia said...

woah!!! what a colorful visiting show!! i enjoyed all of them, but that long haired, wet cat walking his way down a trail is really an eyecatcher!! did vladi also catch sight (or odor...) of this new, potential, friend ???

silvia said...

regarding does, have you ever heard of this story, which already happened in october 2010 ?