Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Uschi is amazingly "talkative."
He "talks" and "talks" and HOWLS!!!

As the sun comes up he starts,
we hear him on his wheel amping up.

We call it Uoo-stering (rooster-ing) with day break.

Eventually, we can't take it any longer scoop him up,
which he loves, but typically hides, because
this action means we are tossing him into his
kennel, so he can Uooo-ster outside, which he does.

Ummmm, guys?

I seem to be locked out,... ?

Eventually, everyone else wakes up,
typically from his pounding on the door,
and he rejoins the family.

Then he goes to sleep.

The light is in my eyes.

That is better, on a pile of clean towels,...

I'm trying to sleep here,...

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

We are overdue for a video of Uschi uoo-stering. PLEASE!