Monday, November 24, 2008

Tanji's Tissue Paper (Part II)

Yesterday's post left off with Tanji guarding his new
favorite toy: Bengal tissue paper.

But all that playing was attracting attention...

Its BIG Uschi.

Usch has been steadily gaining weight since his
"bad belly" attacks earlier this summer.

A little bit of staring and body language,
and Uschi takes over the paper.

This is awesome!

Did I hear something?

Vladi is on his way...

Did you want to lick me instead?
(Vladi is definitely not shy seeking out attention)

No lickies? Well, I'm out of here!

Uschi is large and in charge.
(Or at least he thinks he is)

Meanwhile, Tanji has been sitting nearby,
waiting to get his tissue paper back.

Play with me instead!

Uschi tries to resist...

So Tanji starts patting U on the face.


Uschi is having so much fun,
he leaves the tissue paper behind....

which T quickly reclaimed.

The lesson?
Don't mess with Tanji.

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