Friday, November 07, 2008

Vladi In The Fall Leaves

On election day, we were outside as waves of
dark clouds and rain, and rainbows
passed through our area.

The changing weather brought variable light,
which gave some nice contrasts.

The boys were excited.

Vladi shot up his favorite cherry tree.

(Tanj & Usch like this cherry tree also)

He then stood in the branches watching
the weather roll through.

Daaad, I'm stuck,...

(He jumped out into my arms)

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1 comment:

Pam said...

Great colors.
Do your boys collect items? Kenny has the cutest habit of collect Q-tips (used or new)and quarters. He has done the Q-tips since he was a kitten, always in the way as I am getting ready for work, but a couple of months ago he started on quarters. Picking them up and dropping them to the kitchen tile, then trying to carry them to the cat room. No dimes or pennies, just the quarters. Maybe saving for a new Da-Bird?
Pam, Kinny and Tessa