Thursday, November 27, 2008


Late fall, winter, and early spring are good times for
us to plant and transplant trees because our winter rains help
to establish the trees. In recent years I have moved some
pretty good sized trees to "better" places.

There was this ~8' tall sequoia that was growing too
close to the boys favorite large eucalyptus, eventually it was going
to over grow the area, so I decided to try to transplant it. I spent
a few days digging out a giant 5' wide by 2' deep root ball.

U & V found my handy work,...

V shot into the hole and ran around under the ball.

This caught U's attention.

The two

had a ball


each other around the hole.

U got Uber excited,...

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,...

"Matrix Uschi"

U took a page out of Tanji's play book
and ran on the vertical edge of the hole wall.

this caught V by surprise.

All of the play brought Tanji by to take a look,...

"Hey guys there's a big hole here,...
we should fill it in,..."

Okay, now a root ball of this size is HEAVY,...

I wrapped the root ball, dug a nice gradual "entrance"
slope, put a piece of plywood on the slope and
attached a 1.5Ton come along,...

The ball didn't move,...

My "Grizzly-Method" didn't work,...
more thinking/plotting required.

If the ball is 5' in diameter and 2' deep
and moist dirt weights 125lbs/ft³,
the root ball weighs around 2.5 tons.

( π r² * d) * 125lbs
[(3.14*2.5² ) *2] * 125lbs = 4,900+lbs (2.5tons)

Ah Haaaa !!!
That is why I couldn't simply drag it out of the hole and
lift it into my little Elec-Trak trailer.

Time to
call in the big guns!!!

An 8000lb lift capacity 4x4 forklift.

I drove the fork lift right in, lifted the tree
and backed out like it was nothing!!!

In place on the East side of the property.

Looking good.

Good job dad !!!


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Bonnie said...

"Matrix Uschi"


(and, WOW, that's amazing, Uschi!)

Pam said...

Go Uschi! That looks like fun!Kinny now wants his own hole to play, where's my shovel?
Pam, Kinny and Tessa