Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deer Watchers

Tanji and Vladi have new friends.

When Tanji and Uschi were little kittens, they occasionally saw deer from the kennel, and they were pretty scared. Luckily the deer rarely appeared on our walks. Now, a few years later, deer have moved back into our "yard" and we see them on our walks. Uschi pretty much ignores them (or doesn't see them), Tanji usually gets quite alarmed and runs home, and if we are not careful, Vladi takes off jogging after the deer (he is always looking for new friends). This morning I looked out the window, and the deer were right outside the kennel...

Vladi is yelling all about the visitors,
but his voice is so quiet, we can barely hear him.

"Are you my friend?"

Tani slunk up on his perch to watch the deer eat,
this is a brave move, Tanji is always ready to defend us.

While Tani watches carefully,
Vladi is running around all excited.

Bye deer, we'll see you soon!

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1 comment:

Bengal Lady said...

Oh, I miss the friendly deer in the Northwest. But we have eight friendly horses and they are just as exciting for the cats.