Friday, September 11, 2009

Mouse House: Part I

Les' Mom brought out a few toys that had been stored away 30+ years ago. One of these toys was Les' old "Mouse House," or officially "Elly and Andy Baby Mouse Twins Tree House," for those in the know. It is decorated metal and plastic, in pretty good shape despite lots of play, and the box still has the $4.88 price tag. As usual Uschi was first on the scene, and he was so eager to play with the box, he jumped inside before it was unpacked...


That was actually a bad idea, as the box
immediately tipped over with Uschi and the toy inside,

"Let me out!"

All of the commotion attracts Tanji,
who has to take his turn...

Sitting in the box.

Vladi arrives last (as usual) and wants in too.

Uschi looks confused (or hungry).

"Doesn't anybody want to play with me?"

Uschi attacks the little spot, and those two fight it out for the box.

Meanwhile, Les is setting up the Mouse House...

Two stories, with a basket-elevator, swing,
balcony, drawer-bed, and even cheese: very ritzy!
(and this explains a lot, like the dozens of pet rats, pre-Bengal)

Of course Tanji is helping...

"This needs to move over here some more."

Yes Tanji, VERY helpful.

All seems well with the mouse house,
but something is looming nearby,
a coiled-up beast of destruction and doom...

Its Uschi-zilla!

Next time: Disaster strikes the Mouse House,
will Elly and Andy Mouse survive???

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Meadow said...

I like the slots in the 'wood' mouse seats for their tails, lol. I can only imagine the next set of pics though!

Anonymous said...

ooooo! can hardly wait for the adventures of 3 cats and 3 mousies.