Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waiting For Birdies

"Waiting for Birdies"
(18" x 22" acrylic on canvas)

Les painted this for her Mom who has just moved out to live nearby.
Its her house, sunflowers from a favorite Monet painting, and
Uschi waiting for birdies to arrive at a birdbath.

The painting was drying in a window, and guess who showed up...

Posing just like in the painting.

BAM! Uschi strikes a pose.

"Is that really me?"

Uschi studies the painting for a good 15 minutes.
He's such a cutie!

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MainecoonMa said...

That is just tooo precious, what a mushy kitty with an appreciation for art! Nice work Les, such a peaceful painting and I love the sunflowers :)

Bengal Lady said...

I am so happy to see your painting again! And, of course, I love the subject. :-)