Monday, September 14, 2009

New Large Cat Door

Day and night the boys smash at high speed in and out of the house/kennel through their cat door. They hit the door so hard and often that last year they snapped the frame that holds the flap. I was able to mend it (several times) with super-glue, but eventually it was beyond repair. All summer long we've had an open door (hole) to the kennel, luckily we don't have many mosquitoes. The boys have loved the hole in the door to silently jump through. However, cooler weather is coming so it was time to find a new cat door.

Tanjiro & Uschi each had a $10 PetSmart gift-card from several years ago, so I searched their website for a door. I found what looked like a good one with a four way locking mechanism, so we can lock the boys in the kennel when they (Uschi) get a little "loud." I also decided to go larger than our previous door.

In case you are wondering why...

Someone is extra-fluffy. Enough said.

I needed to remove the door to cut a larger hole...

This was big fun for the boys,
Vladi tried to jump through the cat "door."

The boys are very helpful as usual...

U & V staring at their door being taken away.

After installing the cat door,
its time to see how it works...

If a new box, toy, or cat food enters the house,
Uschi is the first on the scene. If it is something
that is unusual or potentially scary...

Tanji ("Protector-T") is the first to inspect make sure it is O.K.

Les pushed once on the door flap to show Tanj.
After a few pats,...

... he went right through.

Vladi was already out in the kennel,
so Tanji showed him how to push the door.

My turn!

I think the door is petting me!

The spotted boys started playing with the door.

Finally Uschi arrives to see the new door.

A little sniff and a push,
and Uschi headed back to nap.

Vladi keeps going in and out the door,
the door is really quiet, but he manages to make noise.

Enjoying the view outside from the comfort of home.

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Soikku and cats Pate, Nami, Neko and Noona said...

Looks like the door has been tested properly, surely it takes 3 eager assistants to do operational tests thoroughfully :-)

I have a question for the humans of the residence: what do you think about that door beeing used in Finland, where the temperature might be down to -30 C in the winter? Is the door tight enough to keep the cold outside?
We have been looking for a cat door for months now and there has not been any potential ones so far...

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

This door is better sealed than our last one. It has a thin strip of weather stripping inside and the flap has a "brush seal" around the edge as well as a magnet to help keep it closed. It is only a single layer of sturdy plastic. We only get down to maybe -6C (20F) for a short period of time in the winter and our small strawbale house holds heat very well so this should work well for us.

I don't know anything about this product,... but Patio Pacific makes the "Endura Thermo-Panel IIIe" door, which you can get with Low E, dual-pane, insulated glass. Their advertising makes it sound good, but that is their advertising,... >;-) Let us know what you get, and how it works for you.

Ella said...

I've been looking into these, too. Since I work nights and sleep days, I was wanting something for my door so the kits can come in and out but my grandkids would stay out. (Those kits get away with Since you reminded me with this post, I think my search has been narrowed down. I found one for interior walls and doors with a kitty brush attached. Only downfall, no flaps or closure mechanisms. I still think I found a good kitty present for under the tree! Much better than Phantom, Jonayla and Carmella busting through a cracked door with the noise and the light in my face!!
Now just let me know when you find out how to get them to sing quieter. Phantom sings me to sleep every morning. Luckily towards the end of his "song" he tapers off.
I love strawbale houses! We were looking into building one years back, but with the divorce and everything else the plans never worked out. I still have my book and hope to try out some "outbuildings" on my property eventually. Did ya'll(Texas showing through) build it yourselves? (Get ready for a barrage of questions!!)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

We didn't build it originaly, but I did rebuild/finish it. I do have some recommendations/things I would do differently.