Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Yesterday the boys got a package
(or thought they did), and Tanji
was ready to play with his new toy...

"Why is this moving?"

Someone has already claimed the bag.

Sniff, sniff.

Vladi is ready to play...

"I'm cute, I'm helpless, it would be terrible
if you jumped on me!"

"C'mon, PLAY WITH ME!"

"Where are you going?"

Vladi is an optimist, he's sure someone
is going to jump on the bag, so he waits...

and waits...

and waits.

He may still be in there.

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meemsnyc said...

Hahahahahhaa, that is so cute and funny.

Shantra said...

I love this, Tanji looks a lot like my foster cat Mars.

b.b.blueeyes said...

Oh, you poor Vladi! I hope Mom or Dad tickled the outside of the package and gave you a little thrill, since your brothers were sticks-in-the-mud.