Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Mark is feeling a bit better again today and is getting the urge to move around. He is still on strong painkillers, so has to be careful not to overdo it. Luckily, we purchased "the Schwinn" recumbent bike a few months ago, so Mark is easing back into moving his bruised legs with short and easy 10-minute spins.

Looking good!

There are places to hang on next to the seat,
and Mark can use his left hand for balance.

Uschi isn't sure about this,... he prefers Mark
watching him run on his wheel.

Vladi shows up and yells,...
"Daaad, be careful,..."

Mr. Vladi-tude is wondering when Mark will
be ready for walks outside again.
(soon little guy, soon).

Looking good.

Four days after reconstructive face surgery, right side >;-),...

Healing well/quickly.... In good spirits.
Swelling is coming down,... cheek and lip are numb.
Soft tissue is sagging a bit, eye is clearing.

I've been icing my face 20 minutes at a time,
on and off for several hours each day.

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b.b.blueeyes said...

Yeah, looking good! I was surprised not to see a black-and-blue cheek. And what's up with Vladi makin' noise? What happened to the original chatty catty, Uschi? It certainly looks like Vladi is strongly urging you to get off your bike and go for walkies. Taskmaster!

Ella said...

Vladi the recovery nurse....."time to get up and walk! Walk now!" (I have an opening for him at work....wink ;)) It's good to see you up and around!

Deven Werthman said...

Mark looks remarkably good considering what he's been through. He's lucky to have all that wonderful cat-love to help him heal. What good boys...

Bengal Lady said...

Dude, with all those pain meds, you might need to put your helmet on while riding the recumbent bike. :-) We don't want any more injuries.

You look great, though, and I cannot wait to see you later this month.