Friday, October 23, 2009

Uschi Wheel Videos

Yesterday we received our Kodak Zi8 HD 1080p
"pocket video camera."

Uschi wanted to be the first to test it out.

These were shot in low light at 720p.

He is on "his" wheel many hours every day/night,
walking, running, sleeping, mushing, purring, "singing".

Add-On: The boys have had wheels since they were
just little kittens. We are not sure if adult cats
would take to using an exercise wheel, but our boys
just love to walk, run, sleep, etc. on their wheel.

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b.b.blueeyes said...

Oh, wow! This is neat to see Uschi running on his wheel. It's something I didn't think cats would do. I wish I knew my Rufus would do it because he's got a lot of energy to burn. (And I hear Uschi's purrs loud and clear!)

Pam said...

That's so cool! He loves it you can hear purring on the video. Do the other 2 boys use it? Did you have to teach him? My 2 are indoor cats and that would be great exercise for them.

MainecoonMa said...

That is so cool when you tape him on his wheel. I know my Maizee would absolutely utilize one but Murf would probably turn up his nose & say its for babys LOL!