Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Lap" Tanjiro

Tanjiro has become our most mushy Bengal brother.

Yesterday, while I was "watching" TV,
he curled up next to me,
for the first time.

Happily napping.

Later he curled up next to Lesley.

Happy Tanji.

I think they might be on to me.

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1 comment:

Jason said...

Super cute! Of our three Bengals, the one male, Moochie, has proven to be the most lovable of all of them. They each have their moments, but it's usually about what they want (typical). Moochie, though, loves football season and curls up on our laps while we watch games. In fact, he seems to know if there is a game on and we aren't on the couch, because he gets very vocal until we sit down. Then he curls up and falls asleep.