Monday, October 18, 2010

Uschi's Boudoir

Uschi has ownership of a lot of things around our one-room house.
Its his wheel, his scratching post, his litter box, his Dad...

He also seems to get most of the blog postings,
because he tends to hang very close to me when outside,
and whenever the camera comes out, so does Uschi.

And now add to the list, his window boudoir.
We hung the blanket to block light,
and Uschi quickly made the space his own.

A little opening to watch the birdies,
a comfy towel to lay on,
and a food bowl in easy reach.


Oooh, its my loose string!

A subtle request for petting...

And a not-so-subtle request for petting.

Uschi can work the fringe,...
he's here one minute...

And gone the next.... Where's Uschi?

The sunlight heats the window cave to perfect sleepy temperature.
Going, Going....


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1 comment:

Bengal Lady said...

Captured some great shots!!