Friday, October 29, 2010

New "House"?

We have been discussing and designing our
"dream" house(s) for 18+ years.

We have always been drawn to greenhouses, commercial spaces,
and the open air grand tropical hotel lobbies.

We have been thinking of building a huge (75'x100') macro structure
that we could maintain a tropical feel within, then build rooms
that seamlessly flow in and out of the habitat.

Yesterday, we visited a ClearSpan structure.

It was very bright inside (it was a dark rainy day),
and it had huge volume (plenty for tall palm trees... to climb).

Very interesting,...

Our design is to have a full concrete slab, with radiant
heat and are in discussions to swap out the fabric
cover for multi-wall Polycarbonate (Lexan) panels to
get an insulative value. This would basically result in
a large greenhouse with high ceilings and no internal
support columns. Then inside we are thinking of rooms that
are kind of free floating, not necessarily connected to each other,
they all open out into the tropical "macro-structure" garden,...
moving between rooms means moving through a
tropical garden. Kind of the feel of an open
air lobby of a grand tropic island hotel.

The goal environment would be warm
enough for shorts year round, but not
uncomfortably hot or humid.

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Pam said...

I was looking at the cost of clar span for an indoor horse riding arena, never thought about using it for a home. Interesting.....

Bengal Lady said...

Love it! But would it be hot, like a greenhouse?

Or worse, like Texas?