Sunday, November 07, 2010

Happy Daylight Savings/Gutter Test Day

We woke this morning to

A pile of feathers at the head of the bed,...
(and a dead bird, we don't know who's gift it was)

Breakfast time!!

I'm sleeping in today,...
(U found a cave in a pile of "clean" towels)

The rain

Started coming down.

The shed stayed dry,... and


The 175ft of gutters, all draining back to a single downspout.

Worked well,...

Refilling the pond in just a few minutes.
(click the image to run the video)

Back inside,...

Vladi watches for birdies visiting the kennel.

Occasionally, birds visit the kennel.
The vast majority wisely leave quickly.

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MainecoonMa said...

First of all, HOW do the boys get birdies??!! (the M's would LOVE to know MOL) Second, Lavs you are AMAZING....loved the pond effect! So very talented and GOOD JOB on your project~now you just need to furnish it w/Les' paintings :-)

Bonnie said...

Did you ever find out which kitty was responsible for the feathers? Were there any telltale "crumbs" around his mouth?