Thursday, November 04, 2010

In The Gutter II

Today the house's new gutters arrived as a roll of flat aluminum,

Which a complex set of rollers

Turned into seamless gutters of any length.

What is going on out there?

Did you want to see my stripes?

Uschi bravely investigates closer.

The brothers pack together to protect their house.

The gutters are up, along with the
very finicky to install custom flashing.

The guys ended up having to cut the flashing into short
lengths in order to work it up under the metal roofing,
which was screwed down tight right to the edge
of the roof decking. The flashing was the
hardest part of the job.

The four corners are pop-riveted and

Sealed on the inside with silicon.

I also had the guys make a little overhang
for the shed doors.

They used a brake to bend two
eight foot lengths of flashing.

The top will get lapped with trim to seal the top edge.

The shed is looking good.

The overlapping boards are up and silicone sealed,...
they will get a second coat of green to hide the joints
when we get a few dry days in a row.

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